Tuesday, August 12, 2008

rain and changes

last night i came to the realization that i am completely adjusted to texas weather. we have been having rain showers the past couple days and i am thankful for the "cool" low ninety degree temperatures. maybe it is just mother nature proving to my visiting relatives that weather in texas isn't always unbearable.
yesterday was my family's last day in town and what did we do? we did nothing. keisha and i went to a movie. the plan was to go see the newest mummy movie--the first mummy is probably our most quoted movie. well, we didn't make it quite on time and ended up seeing something else: dark knight. as much as i hate to admit it, that was my third time. never in a billion years would i think i would see a superhero movie more than once in the theatre. more proof of my ever adjusting life.
because we were planning on seeing the mummy but missed it we were at the theatre 45 minutes early for batman. so we did what any normal girls would do. we went to ice cream. ben and jerry's. i savoured every bite of my delicious cup of smooth, chocolaty ice cream. when i was younger i despised chocolate ice cream. i must be becoming a true woman because now chocolate is my favorite. oh how life changes. are you sensing a pattern?
when the movie ended keisha and i jetted out of our seats toward the parking lot. although batman is an excellent movie, even the third time around, it is a bit lengthy and i find myself getting a bit antsy. the theatre was freezing so i was more than excited to exit into the warm texas night, but when we opened the theatre doors there was no warmth. there was rain. there were shivers. there were goosebumps. as soon as i got in the car i turned up the heater full blast and soaked up all the warmth as if it were going out of style. i looked at keisha. she looked at me. her expression said, "you are officially crazy." then i looked up at the thermometer. 78 degrees. that's when i knew---i'm ajusted to texas weather through and through.

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M said...

i didn't expect to see that texas has been such a good decision for you...i love that you love it!