Thursday, August 21, 2008

dumb luck

tuesday night i was out for a wog (no error there--i was walking and jogging---thus wog) and as i was wogging (ooohh....even better) there on the sidewalk stood a black cat. Crossing paths with a black cat is supposed to be a sign of bad luck but when i saw the cat i just smiled. i simply wouldn't allow something as silly as seeing a kitty with darkly colored fur determine my luck. SO, as i neared the cat i actually took a few minutes out of my wog to sit and pet this poor misunderstood animal. it definitely wasn't going to bring me bad luck now. and you know what? as i wogged away (getting sick of my made up word yet?) i looked down at the sidewalk just in time to dodge a small pile of fresh dog poop. that was lucky. take that superstition.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

i need to start wogging :D sounds like something i could handle!!!