Tuesday, August 26, 2008

auction for nie

as many of you have heard, christian and stephanie nielson were recently involved in a small plane crash. there were three passengers on the plane, both christian and stephanie were seriously injured and burned, the other did not survive. as you can imagine, they have months and months of recovery ahead of them. the cost will be extraordinary. (for more info about the accident and their family and recovery visit here or here)

thursday has been dubbed nie nie day-- a day to honor the family and to raise funds in their behalf. many bloggers, including me, have decided to host a silent auction on thursday. all proceeds will go towards the nielson family. i will be auctioning off a handmade purse and handmade earrings. bidding will start at midnight wednesday night/thursday morning. more details about the auction will be posted.

bird on the lawn & design mom have links on their blog to others who are participating as well.

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