Tuesday, June 10, 2008

do you like pork?

on thursday i spent the day out with my sister and my niece claire. as we were walking past the macy's womens department claire randomly asked me, "yaya, do you like pork?" sidenote: i am forever dubbed aunt yaya because claire could not pronounce kira when she was younger and now even though she can say my name, yaya just stuck.
do i like pork?
i only order the carnitas from chipotle
cafe rio pork salad is to die for
ham is my favorite sandwich
bacon is the best breakfast meat
pork roast is better than beef roast (although that's a toss up)
pork-n-seeds is a chinese restaurant must
so, yes claire. i do like pork.
hmm.... i like pork so much i once dated a guy named bacon.
bidaa da bidaa da, that's all folks!

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Sarah said...

thanks, that was the laugh I needed today :D)