Wednesday, June 04, 2008

got sigg?

in an effort to be more "green" (they say green is the new pink) i am going out to buy one of these sigg water bottles today. first off, they look really cool. and secondly, the water in texas is absolutely atrocious which means water options are filtered or bottled. everyone has a fridge full of bottled water and throws away so many water bottles each day it disgusts me! i decided to buy one of these to cart around and eliminate a little bit of waste.


M said...

i love my sigg bottle except for the fact that it's a little hard to keep clean. they say to only hand wash it and it seems to collect things in the drinking mouth that's not my favorite part about!

kira lee said...

ohhh...thanks for the heads up!

Sarah said...

i've been trying to convince dylan to stop buying cases of bottled water for work and just take his own bottles and refill them every day. will he do it???? noooo. :D

p.s. i am so glad to be back, when are we going to get together??