Monday, June 09, 2008

going it alone

"The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till the other is ready, and it may be along time before they get off."
last week, for the first time ever, i went to a movie all by my lonesome. it is something i have always wanted to do and in fact was on my to do list for life. it was actually a really great experience. i saw the movie i wanted to see, i could go whenever i wanted to go, i laughed at what i wanted to laugh at, and i wasn't interrupted by someone next to me talking. (i love my friend bri to death, but she always talks through the entire movie!) it was actually really relaxing too because my mind was on the movie and the movie only. also, it made me feel very confident. try it sometime.


mary elizabeth said...

that was on my 'to-do before i die' list and i did it a few years ago. i went and saw 'the notebook' by myself. i even made it the full movie experience and got popcorn and soda and candy! i don't think i chose the best movie to see by myself though... i bawled through the entire thing! plus, i had a missionary out, so my heart was already really tender about love. haha, it was good times though. definetly an awesome experience that everyone should try!

good for you for doing it!

M said...

it sounds like you are really enjoying yourself and are having a deep down introspective experience! i'm so proud of you!