Saturday, May 24, 2008

who wears short shorts?

dressing modestly is really such an adventure, especially in texas where it is so dang hot that for most people modesty just isn't an option. i thought i could survive the summer with just one pair of capris...well i was wrong. already yesterday it was 100 degrees, plus humidity. that is pretty hot, even more so since i just came from iceburg, idaho. on my day off yesterday i decided to drive to grapevine mills to do some summer shopping. my mission: long shorts. (sort of an oxymoron). i circled and circled that mall (it circles for quite a while) and thought i wasn't going to find anything. (shopping really isn't that much fun when you are looking for a specific thing). finally, i had luck! american eagle is the place to go if you are looking for long shorts, and they have everything: capris, utility shorts, bermuda shorts, jean shorts....and all lengths: long, medium, and short. i bought 4 pairs so that should last me the summer. now shopping can be fun again!

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Anonymous said...

*hehe* i am proud of you for dressing modest!!! woot. you should look at my blog! i need help getting picutres on there!