Monday, May 12, 2008

coming and going

saturday night i went to a going away party for a new friend here in texas
she's going away and i just got here!!!
i definitely know my way around texas after driving to this party in fort worth.
i didn't realize how far mckinney was from fort worth
i made it there okay, but the drive back was quite the adventure
i missed the road i needed to be on 3 times
and i got pulled over for not having my headlights on
(just a warning though!)
one of my wrong turns took me to the airport which i had to drive completely through before getting back on the highway.
the party was a blast and i was able to meet a lot of new people
which i really needed.
if you are ever in fort worth i highly recommend checking it out
it has a huge beautiful outdoor patio,
a fun environment and good food!


mary elizabeth said...

oh my goodness, i love your shirt! where did you get it?!

that is so great that you are meeting so many new people! texas is fun!

kira lee said...

i got it at forever that store!