Thursday, May 22, 2008

adventures in texas

i saw a dead one of these on the road last night.
we don't even have armadillos in idaho
yet another new exciting texas adventure.
speaking of adventures...
recently i became a massage envy member, meaning i can get a massage every month for $49. let me tell you, it is heaven on earth. well, last night i went in to get my massage, and the massage therapist was a guy, a good looking guy too. i thought about cancelling but then thought that might be sexist or something. i was just worried i wouldn't be able to relax with a hot guy massaging me. it turns out i didn't have to worry too much because i don't think he's into girls (at least he didn't act like he would be, if you know what i mean). so i was able to (mostly) relax and it turned out to be an amazing massage. maybe next month i'll just check ahead of time who will be doing my massage.
it was still just a little weird being massaged by a man.


mary elizabeth said...

i have gotten 2 massages proffesionally before, and both times they were by a guy. each time i was kinda creeped out, but once they were massaging, i didn't care any more.

kira lee said...

haha! true! once he started massaging my mind sort of drifted relaxing.