Sunday, April 06, 2008

perfect mess

i'm reading this book.
loving this chapter titled:
"yes, you're flawed. and you're perfect. chew on that."
here are some highlights:
"even angels envy the human body because it can do so many things and through it we can experience such exquisite physical, emotional, and mental pleasures. There's a whole alphabet of them: amusement, arousal, a la mode; beauty, bliss, bonding; calmness cheerfulness...There is a price, however, for these perks of life on earth: signing up to live here means coming into a world of opposites--night and day, hot and cold, happy and sad...Thus (drum roll, please), the truth about you: you are flawed. As a human being, you come equipped with the same pairs of opposites as everything else on this planet......Even though you are flawed in your human self, your personality-self, you are also perfect....You are perfect because you are an expression of the Divine. You don't have to do anything or believe anything for this to be true. You don't even have to be aware of it, but if you are, you'll feel less emptiness and more power."
"we gave up being perfectly perfect and agreed to be only borderline-excellent in order to experience this life. This way we get to grow and learn and, in the soul sense, strive to get back to where we started as consciously perfect rather than unconsciously so."
"The knowledge that you are flawed (because it's the only way human beings come) and yet perfect (because your essence can be nothing less) gives you permission to fully exhale. you can lean on the notion that you're part of something great and grand and good. Ideally, this knowledge will inspire you to go forward with the conviction that you have a place and a purpose that is uniquely yours. You don't have to have perfect hair-skin-abs-job-spouse-kids because you're already perfect in the only way you have to be and the only way you can be. Because this is the truth about you, you are fully entitled to the best imperfect hair-skin-abs-job-spouse-kids going, or something even better.
"What to do with this flawed-but-perfect concept? Chew on it. Mull it over. Who you really are is an eternal idea."
i would just like to add that it is okay to strive for perfection. as long as we aren't trying to change the things that we don't have control over.

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