Tuesday, April 22, 2008

hey y'all!

well, it's official. i am now a texan. i made the big move on sunday and things have been going great so far. i got an amazing job--i am a nanny for two adorable children, 20 month old twin girls. i am a live in nanny and the family is great, they make me feel right at home. i am living in mckinney texas, which means i am only about a 10 minute drive away from my sister, brother in law and niece. i won't be too active in the blogging world for the next couple of days while i finish getting settled in, but soon i'll be back and better than ever!!!


My name is Andrea said...

Hey Kira, this is Andrea, Sarah's friend! Welcome! You are going to love it here, and Sarah is so lucky to have her sis so close! Enjoy exploring!

kira lee said...

Thanks!!! i love it allready!

Anonymous said...

Are you allowed to wear what you want too as a nanny? When you talk about being a nanny, it reminds me of a person I know who some years ago worked as a live-in maid/nanny girl for a rich employer from the girl was 16 or something like that (she was at least still a teenage girl during the first years) and for 7-8 years. She had also very little money and her wage was low, even if she had to work very hard. She liked to wear jeans/sweaters/t-shirts and appeared in such clothes to the job interview. But her employer was strict. The girl had to wear a white long sleeved blouse and a black knee-length skirt, white waist apron and black high-healed footwear and for the most dirty work a white full-length apron was required. Also, a nametag was included. She also had to have short hair (or at lesat a pony tail), and appear polite and curtsey in front of her employer too. She lived in a small room. The girl really hated being a maid/nanny and was happy the day she could leave to find another work. The girl was not treatened very bad, but she had a very strict employer (who was a woman in her 30's or something). I hope your situation is better, it at least looks so.