Friday, March 14, 2008

mishaps and mail

today was sort of a crummy day...
i woke up late,
i lost my shoe in the parking lot at work
i slipped and fell at work
(in front of everyone)
my oatmeal overflowed in the microwave
(no breakfast)
and then my computer at work froze up on me...
i came home to find this lovely package from my amazing cousin mary.
thanks so much!!!
you made my day


Sarah said...

hey, I fell and hurt my foot yesterday. I am gimping around like "grandma" Claire told me this morning. wish I could get something nice in the mail :) Hope you have a better day today.

Dani said...

Poor Kira! I'm glad somthing fun came and saved you!
Did you ever find your shoe?

kira lee said...

ha! i finally found my shoe after about 5 minutes of hopping around on one foot trying not to get my other foot in the had gone under someone's car, so i had to crawl under to get it, consequently i was 1 minute late clocking in.

mary plus vince said...

Glad the package arrived when it did, and glad it could brighten your day! :D

Hot Shauna said...

So sorry about your day.
- Meghan Cleverly