Sunday, March 23, 2008

me and grandma got the giggles

this story might be a little sac religious, but i just have to share.
today i attended my aunt and uncles ward to listen to my cousin, kirby, report his mission.
so there was lots of family there, and i was lucky enough to sit next to grandma saxton.
( my grandma really is one of the cutest old people i know. seriously. when i am her age i only hope i am half as trendy as she is. )
when the sacrament tray was passed to me i couldn't help but notice that the pieces of bread were freakishly huge. ( it looked like the slices of bread were just torn in fourths. AND, on top of that, it was homemade bread, so the pieces were also thicker than usual.) so when i went to grab a piece of bread things suddenly started going in slow motion. i almost grabbed a piece, but noticed how huge it was, so i quickly tried to look for a smaller piece without taking too long, looking too picky, or touching anyone else's piece of bread. this all occurred in about 3.7 seconds, but since i was in slow-mo mode, it seemed much much longer, which probably caused my face to turn red. i finally did put a piece of bread in my mouth (a piece that was way bigger than any bite i would ever purposely take, but you can't really be too picky with the sacrament) and passed the tray along to grandma.
i felt like a cow chewing my cud.
i noticed grandma going through the same slow-mo bread grabbing dilemma that i went through.
when she finally went in for the kill i noticed that she got the huge piece i had dodged earlier.
as she was lifting the massive piece of bread to her mouth she turned to me and said, "i was really hungry." (we snickered). (isn't it fun snickering with your grandma?) as she was saying this the breadzilla broke into two and half fell onto her lap. this was all it took for us to burst into giggles.
and we giggled.
and giggled.
and stopped for a second.
and then giggled some more.
i think when you are trying not to laugh, the not trying makes everything funnier.
(that, and i couldn't believe my grandma was giggling during sacrament meeting).
we giggled through the rest of the sacrament (which was a while since we were on the second row...pew?)
we giggled during the reading of the program.
we giggled during the beginning of the first speaker.
as soon as church ended, we talked about it and giggled some more.
and then at the open house we told the story and giggled even more.
i really hope that someday you get a chance to giggle with your grandma.


Sarah said...

no fair!!! I want to giggle with grandma.

hey on the easter egg post it looks like it says a light crispy smell instead of shell.

kira lee said...

well nothing welcomes the easter holiday better than a light crispy smell.

M said...

love this story! so cute and so memorable! journal it.