Thursday, March 06, 2008

ferocious fruit

i think i may be allergic to bananas.
the other day i ate a banana for breakfast,
which caused my mouth to itch like crazy.
i didn't really think too much about it,
but then when i got home from work
my roommate had made banana bread
(i looooove banana bread.)
so of course i inhaled about three pieces without thinking.
needless to say,
my mouth was on fire for the rest of the night,
not only that but i got sores all over in my mouth
my tongue and lips swelled (swole?) up
i'm actually pretty bummed
because banana milkshakes are probably one of my favorite treats,
not to mention banana creamies...


M said...

oh kir that's terrible! you can't live without banana creamies! remember when we ate boxes of them!

Sarah said...

how all of the sudden are you allergic to bananas???

Laura said...

I'm allergic to Banana's too! They burn my mouth like that as well. I find it's not as bad in pancakes or banana bread, something about it being cooked and soggy makes it better. The allergy just appeared one day - like my ibuprofen allergy but that's a whole other story :S