Sunday, March 16, 2008

the breakfast club

yesterday we had a delicious breakfast
of banana and blueberry pancakes
topped with syrup and whip cream
mmmm mmmm good.
to set the mood we listened to
"banana pancakes" by jack johnson
(excuse the morning hair and no makeup look)


mary elizabeth said...

oh my goodness! my very first jack johnson concert i went to (i have been to two, and this summer will make three when he comes in august) he was writing songs for his next album and he sang us 'bannana pancakes' even though it wasn't all the way finish -- so he hummed through some of it. it was so cool & funny! then, when that cd came out, i was so excited because i loved that song when he sang it at the concert...

ok, sorry that was long & rambly.

kira lee said...

i love jack!!! and i love banana pancakes--that would have been so cool. i didn't know he was coming to slc, i will definitely have to go!