Monday, February 04, 2008

winter driving

so this is what happens when you leave your car in one place for too long in rexburg.
best of luck with that.
i am so over this season...
my car was not made to operate in these conditions.
this morning it took me 10 minutes to back out of my driveway.
(funny story)
as i was leaving for my lunch break today i almost hit a car that was backing up.
i saw him backing up, and i hit the brakes,
but the brakes didn't exactly cooperate.
as i sat, white knuckled and gripping the wheel,
i noticed that the person i almost hit was a guy i watched the superbowl with the night before.
speaking of the superbowl...
i was sort of hoping the patriots would win
and i was one of about 20 at the party i went to who did.
the fact that they lost was definitley rubbed in.
but i have to admit,
the 4th quarter was very entertaining.
i was disappointed by the commercials though.


anna jo said...


Sarah said...

i do not miss that at all!!!

mary elizabeth said...

yeah, I like snow... for like a few days. I always think the first snow is exciting + fun. But then, I lose interest about, the next day. Lol!

I am SO ready for spring & summer!!

M said...

wow this really cracks me up! utah has been just as bad...argh!