Thursday, February 28, 2008

trying a little freestyle

yesterday i was watching freestyle on hgtv.
it is show where a designer comes into a home,
and without spending a cent
redecorates using things he finds in the home.
my living room was looking a little drab,
so i decided to try it.
here are the results:
i hung some shelves to hide the bare walls,
brought in a chair to fill the empty space
and added a pillow for some color.
i also threw a blanket over the couch to blend the blue in with the rest of the room
on the other side of the entertainment center,
i brought in a bookshelf,
and moved the lamp next to the love sack
to create a little corner to read in
it feels a lot better to be in the living room now!


Sarah said...

I love that show, it always has me digging in my closet to find something to decorate with. Although, the people always have good stuff to decorate with that they supposedly don't know they have, I think that's a little fake.

kira lee said...

yeah, me too, because i definately didn't discover any lost treasures when i went digging.

Sarah said...

hey on your previous post someone left a comment to click on and it is a virus thing. you might want to erase it. just thought you would like to know.

M said...

isn't it incredible how a little 'mixing up of things' can make a world of difference in a room. love the changes!