Thursday, February 21, 2008

trains make me feel at home

i grew up in a train town.
nampa, idaho was actually established because of a train station.
and now that i think about it, trains are a pretty big part of my life.
my grandpa worked on the railroad, as well as my uncle.
when i was younger i remember visiting with my uncle when
he would pass through town with the railway.
as a teenager trains were also a big part of my life.
there was one road you could hardly drive down without getting stopped to wait for a train.
it was sort of a family joke because we always used the trains as an exuse for being late for curfew.
the house i grew up in was pretty close to the train tracks so we could always hear the train whistle.
especially on summer nights with the window open.
the sound of the trains would lull me to sleep.
yesterday i was driving home and got stopped by a train...
it brought back all sorts of memories from home,
and then last night just as i got into bed i heard a train whistle
and surprisingly it made me feel at peace.

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Laura said...

This post brought back a lot of memories for me - especially the sound of trains in the summer time. In Scotland (where I'm from) almost every town has a train station and they don't go across roads like the do here but I the sound of trains at night time make me feel really young again and like my mum could be in the next room knitting at that exact moment.
Aaah homesickness for a place and for a memory and different time. There's nothing quite like it.