Monday, February 11, 2008

the mysterious contents of kira's purse...

thank you mary for the tag.
1) wallet
2) pack of extra polar ice gum
3) my camera
4) about 50 pens
5) a bottle of lotion
6) lip gloss
7) lip stick
8) lip balm
9) my keys
10) gum wrappers
11) a deck of playing cards
12) my cell phone
13) pay stubs from my last two paychecks
14) free movie tickets
15) loose change
16) a comb
17) extra strength tylenol
18) headphones for my iPod
19) a hair tie and bobbie pins
20) a card from my sister sarah
21) my security pass + name tag for work
22) a button from my coat
now i would like to tag mitch, show us what you've got!

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