Friday, December 28, 2007

my favorite gift came the day after christmas

i'm not usually one to get all sappy,
(who am i kidding? of course i am!)
but some things must be shared.
bacon is from a far a way land called wisconsin, and was unable to make it home for christmas.
i invited him to come home with me, but since he had to work on christmas eve
he couldn't make it.
my family went to a movie the day after christmas
and when i left the theatre i was pleased to see a voice mail from mr. bacon.
i thought, "oh how cute, he misses me."
when i called him back he said,
"so boise isn't all you talked it up to be."
he caught a ride to boise!
SO i was able to spend wednesday night with him
and then he drove back to rexburg with me on thursday!
definitely a good surprise.


Sarah said...

Keisha called me today:) Guess what about? Kira are you going to marry this Sausage dude? Oops, I mean bacon. You would be Kira Bacon :0 I laughed when I typed that.

kira lee said...

i guess we'll just have to wait and see! i sure heard a lot of name jokes over holiday though!!