Sunday, October 21, 2007


on friday a guy i work with told me that i remind him of chloe from smallville. i have never really watched smallville so i decided to rent it to see this girl i am supposedly like. WELL, i randomly picked up a season 5 disc, thinking it was the complete season. it was only 4 episodes. but i guess 4 episodes was enough to get me hooked because i went back to the video rental place to get the rest of season five--they were out---and so was every other rental place in town. i ended up renting all of season one and sadly i think i am now hooked to smallville. thanks greg.

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M said...

wow you actually do look like her...and from the couple of episodes i've seen, i would match you two!

p.s. everyone's talking about that universe movie, i've got to see it.