Thursday, October 04, 2007

100 things about me:
everybody's doing it, why not?
1. i just changed my major as a junior and you're the first to know 2. i hardly ever capitalize when i type 3. i don't know how to drive stick shift 4. i take baths more often than showers 5. i would rather have a few close friends than a large social circle 6. i sometimes care too much what others think 7. i like fruity candy better than chocolate 8. i write in my journal more than anyone else i know 9. i love good butt jeans 10. i am a major people watcher 11. i used to always hate my nose but now it's growing on me--not literally growing 12. i really love dr. pepper with fresh lime 13. i would fly across the world to spend time with a good friend 14. i have the bad habit of saying whatever pops into my head 15. i once bought a can of frosting just to eat 16. i love planning parties 17. my sisters are my best friends 18. christmas eve is my favorite day of the year 19. i don't wash my hair everyday 20. i feel naked if my toenails are unpainted 20. i love reading non-fiction 21. i am a sucker for anything acoustic 22. i like to change my hair a lot 23. i tend to start too many projects at a time 24. i love dressing up for no reason 25. laughing is my favorite pastime 26. i would like to try living several places 27. i love getting hot cocoa and steamers from coffee shops 28. i love going on long drives by myself 29. i often play extreme makeover in my head and imagine people with a new look 30. i sometimes laugh really loudly during movies 31. i love artsy things 32. i own over fourty pairs of shoes 33. i love making lists 34. i love sitting on a river bank 35. i am a big procrastinator 36. i often prejudge people and then hate myself for it once i really get to know the person i prejudged 37. i love leaving notes for people 38. i love and often quote thoreau 39. i am surprised by how easily i am making this list 40. i count sheep when i can't sleep 41. i was in marching band in high school 42. i love black and white photography 43. i enjoy cooking for others 44. i love inside jokes, but only when i'm on the inside 45. i always have crazy dreams 46. i am a closet poet 47. i am way taller than everyone else in my family 48. i am a good listener 50. i love chaotic family togetherness 51. i am a killer laser tag player 52. i thrive off of trying new things 53. i would rather do something active than go to the gym 54. i've never had a real pet 55. i love being an aunt 56. i pierced my belly button in eighth grade and thought my parents didn't know--they did 57. i pierced my belly button again as a college freshmen--i don't think my parents knew that time 58. i am planning on never piercing any body part again 59. i love romantic music 60. i look forward to being a wife and mother more than anything else 61. i love wearing an apron 62. sometimes it is hard for me to fall asleep because i have so many thoughts running through my head 63. i hate running 64. i like to surprise people by doing something "out of character" 65. i love listening to jazz 66. i romanticize everything 67. i don't drink enough water 68. i still enjoy dressing up for halloween 69. i love travelling 70. i love the smell of the ocean more than any other smell 71. i really love to accessorize 72. i prefer to shop alone so i can spend ample time going through the clearance racks 73. i am still searching for the perfect foundation 74. i buy things i don't need 75. i love going out to eat 76. i have never had a cavity 77. i have the goal of having something published someday 78. i like to take naps 79. i want to have a big garden someday 80. i love going to concerts 81. i love being in a room lit by a lamp 82. i love being in front of people, but hate talking into a microphone 83. i like well presented food 84. i've never eaten ice cream out of the carton 85. i have a massive to-do list, and crossing things off of it makes me happier than anything 86. i am not very patient for surprises 87. i am surprisingly patient with people 88. although i can't stand the sound of others eating, which makes me very subconscious about how i sound when i eat 89. i love inventing recipes 90. i will drive around the block to finish a good song that is playing 91. i am afraid of disappointing others 92. i love a lot of foods that other people hate: onions, tomatoes, sauerkraut, green olives, etc 93. i have started to learn the guitar a bazillion times but just don't have the patience to stick with it 94. i like a lot of condiments on my food 95. i collect free pens 96. i suck at flirting 97. i really love hot dogs and corn dogs 98. i don't love pic-nics because i would rather eat inside where it is comfortable 99. i have learned a lot from others 100. i always hope that i am being a good example. the end.

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M said...

Kir, I'm so glad that you did this!!! and I love that I knew most of those things about you!