Thursday, July 05, 2007

yesterday I had an experience that put me nearer to death than i've ever been in my life, and it really made me change my perspective about how i've been living and the things that truly bring me happiness.
the story?
yesterday afternoon i was with my amazing roommate/cousin, karisa, out enjoying the holiday. we went to a place called monkey rock. monkey rock is an area where the river comes down into a waterfall and then changes directions, creating a perfect swiss family robinson style swimming hole. we had been swimming and laying out, and then decided to try to make it under the waterfall, because we heard there was a cave underneath. we made several attempts, but it was tricky because the water currents were very strong and you had to go under in just the right place to make it. karisa finally made it under, and i kept trying. after several attempts i finally made it to where the water fall was pouring overhead and i just had to push myself inside, but when i went to go in the current took me and i was stuck under the waterfall. the current was very strong and the waterfall kept pulling me under. i was swimming as hard as i could, but i had no control over my body. the last thing i remember thinking is that i hope somebody could see my hand sticking out of the water. Next thing I knew I was standing close to the shore (a good 200 ft away or more) and karisa was there with me. i was standing up, but could not breath. i was trying to cough, but could not, i had water in my lungs. i was looking at karisa, she kept asking if i was okay and if i could breath--all i could do was shake my head no--because i could not breath, i could not talk. Once Karisa realized what was going on she told me to relax and took me to shore, luckily she is a health science major and knew just what to do. After atleast 2-3 minutes of not breathing I coughed up water and got a very appreaciated breath.
I don't know what happened in the time i had blacked out, or how i got out of the waterfall, but i truly feel like there is a reason i am still here. when i was under the waterfall i got a feeling like i have never had before--a 'so this is it?' feeling. i really thought at that moment i was going to die. Once I got out of the shock i was in, a lot of emotions overcame me. I really have so much I want to do with my life, what have I been doing to accomplish those things? and when things aren't going according to MY plan, am I enjoying my life anyway? It just hit me that every morning that I get out of bed I need to be grateful, because when I woke up yesterday my plans were softball, pic-nics, and fireworks, not being stuck under a waterfall. you just never know what day will be the last day, so live everyday to its full extent.

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M said...

Kir, I'm speechless. i'm so glad that you are alive and that i didn't get a saddening phone call. sometimes we need those eye opening experiences. thank you for sharing and for living more fully...we all need to do that. Love ya.