Monday, May 07, 2007

in case you've been wondering how i've been spending my days...

Here is a sample of an average day in the life of kira:

6:00 a.m. first daily annoyance from alarm clock--snooze
7:00 a.m. finally roll out of bed after snoozing for an hour
8:00 a.m. arrive at work
9:26 a.m. look at clock: I swear I've been here longer!!!
10:30 a.m. trip to restroom
12:00 p.m. lunch break, finally!!! (hit on cute coworker on way to door)
12:33 p.m. finish eating, relax and keep an eye on clock
1:00 p.m. arrive back at work
3:29 p.m. second and final trip to restroom
4:00 p.m. an hour left to go!
4:59 p.m. i can clock out in one minute--longest minute of my life
5:00 p.m. go home for day (hit on cute coworker on way to door)
5:10 p.m. check email
5:36 p.m. arrive home, now what for dinner?!
6:17 p.m. eat dinner
6:37 p.m. sit around for a while until i find something to do
7:03 p.m. finally find something to do
10:48 p.m. go to bed


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