Monday, April 09, 2007

this look worked for me

want to know why i was wearing this shirt on easter?
here goes:

On Easter I was at my grandparents, just minding my own business, when I decided to be nice and wipe off the table which the youngins' had spilled upon. I went over to the sink, dry dishrag in hand, hoping to wet the rag and be on my way when SSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! water came spraying right at me full force, drenching my cute easter top. Not knowing exactly what was going on, I turned around, allowing the water to drench the back of my shirt as well. All at once the room was filled with both screams and laughter. The screams, of course, coming from me, and the laughter coming from everyone else in the room. I had become the victim of the classic rubber band over the handle of the spray nozzle at the sink trick. lovely. i decided i had better not parade around in my wet t-shirt, especially since the room was full of very hormonal pre-teen boys, and since i was not at home i had nothing to change into. My mother had the brilliant idea of putting my shirt in the dryer and borrowing one of grandma's shirts. Not to diss on my grandma's wardrobe, but she doesn't exactly share the same taste in clothing as I do. I decided if I was going to dress grandma i was going to go all out. This shirt spoke to me.

i might as well have stayed in my wet shirt though because I still had my cousin's 15-year-old friend telling me that shirt was hot on me and staring non stop. maybe i need to take some fashion advice from grandma.


M said...

wowza! all i can say is that i was laughing really hard over it!

kira lee said...

atleast this incident was good for something.