Wednesday, March 28, 2007

a very wise lesson from miss lora ann hudson

Lora's mom forwards me all the emails she sends, which is something I really look forward to twice a month. Lora said something very profound in the email I received today:

I also learned a really amazing lesson yesterday that I will quickly share. I was developing picture and the photo guy was like, 'Did you take these with a cell phone?' I was like no. So he told me I had the lowest pixel quality going on and my pics were terrible. I just thought I had a bad camera. He then took it, changed the setting of the pixels from 1 to 5 on a scale. I took a picture and it was clear, it was beautiful. I was amazed. My whole mission I have taken pictures with cell phone quality pixels. I have seen some amazing things here in Rome, the colosseo, San Pietro, the vatican musuems, Piazza del Popolo, so many churches, so many people, so many memories...on the lowest pixel setting. When the whole time my camera had the capacity to be 5x better. I realized life and the mission can be like that. You have the same tools,the same friends and family, but you can be living on a one, or you can beliving on a 5. Or even more. My camera is only a 4 pixel camera. SO live it up. Don't settle for a blurry picture. Anyway you are living, you are working, studying, being in a marriage, friendship, whatever, you might as well make the best of it. Life is amazing and we have so much potential. So make sure your camera is set on the highest pixel quality. We have all the tools, the scriptures, prayer, church leaders, family, now use them to the best quality. Don't settle for a cheap, rote prayer, really tell your Heavenly Father why you are grateful to be on this earth and a child of His and then show Him how you will prove that love and gratitude by the way you live. I will too.
love you girl!

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