Thursday, March 08, 2007

list of things i MUST do while in Rexburg over the summer

1. Go to caves
2. Eat at Big Judd's
3. Go to sand dunes
4. Go to Green Canyon
5. Jog in Porter Park
6. Go to Yellowstone Park (even though I've been a *brazillian* times)
8. Go to Beaver Dick
9. Get a yummy treat at Snoasis
10. BBQ up a storm

*Kort, a guy I work with told me this joke: President Bush was chillin' in the white house with Laura, watching the news. The news anchor came on and said 3 Brazillian soldiers were killed from a car bomb in Iraq. Bush turned to Laura and said, "That is so devestating. How much is a brazillian again?"

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inspired simply said...

Yes! I hope you make it all happen. You WILL have the most wonderful Summer...even without me!