Thursday, February 22, 2007

decisions, decisions

So basically I have some major decision making to do. Right now I am without a job and haven't had the best luck finding employment. However, yesterday I had a job interview at Melaleuca, which went very well. If I get a job there I would want to stay in Rexburg during the summer and work full time. BUT, then there is Redfish Lake. I have wanted to work there for a very long time. I was begining to give up hope on them, because I hadn't heard from them so I had pretty much made up my mind to stay in Rexburg during the summer. Today I even went in to Biomedics to donate plasma since my phone bill is due, I don't have a job, and I have a whopping $27.56 in my checking account. That didn't work out (which I was secretely happy about since I really really hate needles) because they couldn't find big enough veins in my arm. Just as I was driving away from Biomedics my phone rang--an unknown number. Guess who?! Redfish Lake. I chatted with them for a while, and they said they will let me know within two weeks if I have the job. Now I am stuck with making some pretty big decisions and I only have two weeks to do so. Here are my options: (assuming Melaleuca and Redfish hire me)

#1 I could stay in Rexburg, live with Karisa, and work at Melaleuca during the summer and have a good job as long as I live here. I don't really have any major reasons to stay in Rexburg, I wouldn't be going to school, I don't really have any friends here, and I'm not dating anyone. BUT-Melaleuca would be a good job to have, and I think it could be fun here in the summer.

#2 I could try to get a yucky job somewhere like Sonic or McDonalds--just to get me through the rest of the semester. Then I could go to Redfish in May. I would get to live at an awesome place, get a tan, live the summer outdoors, get a new experience, and save a lot of money. Plus I would have a friend, Kelci, to hang out with the whole summer. I would be away from family, and I would still have to find a new job when I come back to Rexburg in the fall, but I would be taking a risk and following my dreams.

#3 I could get a yucky job somewhere like Sonic or McDonalds--just to get me through the rest of the semester. Then I could go home when school gets out and TRY to find a summer job there. I might have a few high school friends to hang out with during the summer, I would have my family, and free rent--but life probably wouldn't be too exciting.

What do you think?
yikes. I need to do some praying.

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inspired simply said...

Well of course prayer will be the biggest decision maker but remember that you have to follow your gut...and remember that you need to make a decision and pray specifically about that decision. All of those decisions are good (besides maybe working at Mcdonalds!) and so that's what makes it difficult. Whatever you do, you have to decide from the get-go that you are going to be happy with your decision and make the most of it. No regrets. Each opportunity will offer unique experiences specifically for that time.
It's mighty interesting that both jobs called so near to each other? That could be an answer in itself....